Happy Thanksgiving!

I have tried to write a lot in the last 3.5 months…but it all just sort of got away from me.  So.  Happy Thanksgiving, and here’s a little update from me!

The first month of the school year was brutal.  Absolutely, positively brutal.  Aside from the typical new teacher stuff, I am a new teacher in graduate school, so I was trying to so both at once; and added to that is working with one of the most difficult populations of students to teach and having a particularly difficult student on top of the general difficulties of my class.  By September 12, I was about to crack.  I had a great weekend that weekend though – I went out to a really, really fun dinner with some friends to a fancy restaurant to celebrate one of my best friend’s birthdays on Saturday, September 13.  And then September 14, Hurricane Ike hit Kentucky.


And we got a week off of school.  And I actually slept.  And I finally could breathe again.  And I got a little bit of a handle on my job.  

So.  Suddenly, it’s Thanksgiving.  And I love (LOVE) my job.  My students are awesome.  I love them.  School (grad) is awful, but it is a requirement of my job and my job is a requirement of school, so I endure it.  I am blessed with two amazing instructional assistants and an amazing speech therapist, who I love working with every day.  We have fun at work.  I am thriving at work. 

So…that’s where I am right now.  When people ask what I am up to, I hate to say it, but it is pretty much “work and school.”  School gets neglected a lot, but it gets done when it needs to get done.  

I am looking mightily forward to Christmas break, and getting some real rest without schoolwork looming overhead.  And I am looking forward to blogging again.  Kids say funny things.  Someone should share them.  


One response to “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Welcome back! Glad things are better. Hope we hear from you at Christmas. ;-D

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