There will be no moosh hair Whoorling…

sadly.  But many congrats to the winner, who was announced by Casey today.  I can’t wait to see the new hair!

The lucky thing about not winning is that I had figured out, in the span of time since I entered the contest, what I actually want done with my hair; therefore, I don’t have to hope that Whoorl agrees.  You see, I kept thinking I wanted to be a redhead.  So I tried it, or as red as my stylist (one of several – I rotate depending on my needs/budget; and I know, this is bad, but sometimes, I even try out new places just for fun.  And also when I want a Monday appointment and every other salon is closed on Monday.  Whatever, people.) would go on my hair.  As it turns out, it has grown out kind of quickly and I hate it.  Plus it just washes out, looks blonde, and I HATE (hate) having visible roots.  (I also hate having naturally mousy-brown hair, thus the color.)  Do you understand?  The stylist did exactly what I wanted, like only six weeks ago, and I haaaaaate it.  Which means, I want a change.  But I figured it out, and I am pumped.

I am in the process of growing my hair (status:  touching shoulders.  Yay!) out, because I have rarely been able to accomplish such a feat and I like my hair longer.  And so I think I am going to leave the length, but go back (it’s been a few years since I have had this color) to chocolately brown with caramel highlights…possibly tomorrow. 

If I find an open salon. 

(p.s.  You know what else is tomorrow?  I give away the Vera Bradley zip around wallet!  As long as you comment by tomorrow at 12n, you’re in the drawing.)

(p.p.s.  I also want to tell you all why my voice is a little sore and scratchy.  I had the best weekend at our church’s 60th anniversary celebration.  God is good, and I am pumped to share!)


One response to “There will be no moosh hair Whoorling…

  1. Before and afters please!

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