Dear the moosh, please Whoorl my hair. Please?

So there’s this contest, spearheaded by the fabulous Casey.  And in this fabulous contest, if I get picked, Whoorl of Hair Thursday will bump me to the front of the Hair Thursday line, and then Casey will pay for me to get my hair done in whatever style Whoorl’s Hair Thursday readers choose for me.  And it will be wonderful and fabulous and grand.  As extra fun, when I win, since I live less than two hours from Casey, I will go to Indy to get my Hair Thursday Whoorl on with the moosh, or something like that. 

Yeah, you all can enter too, but really, you should just let me win!  Here’s why.

Here’s me on a really good hair day.  This was a few weeks ago, in Las Vegas.

I cannot afford to live in Vegas so my hair will always look good, people!

I have dyed my hair a little since then, but this is basically it.  The deal is though – I cannot afford to live in Las Vegas so my hair can look this good all the time, people…


But my hair does not look that good all the time.  Here’s my hair on a normal type day.

Plain and blah – and that volume goes kersplat super, super fast.

And those are the days that I fix it.  The REALLY bad days?  And more days than not that I care to admit?  The (not so) distant hair past?

There’s this one…sad.  How large is my forehead?

I mean, really.  I was standing in front of Pike’s Peak with my hair looking like that.  THREE MONTHS AGO.  I am an adult.  I should be ashamed…

So please, PLEASE, Casey, Whoorl, whoever is doing it, please print my entry on weighted, bright pink cardstock and pick me to be the grand-prize winner of the Let the moosh Whoorl Your Hair Contest Extravaganza.  Please.

It’ll be fun…! 


4 responses to “Dear the moosh, please Whoorl my hair. Please?

  1. I’ll pull for you as much as I can unbaisedly pull for you!
    Good luck!

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  3. Hmmm. Two hours in which direction from Indy? I live two hours north of Indy, and have never met another blogger from northeast Indiana, so you’ve piqued my interest! And I can talk bad hair — been there, had that, mannnny times!

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