Pushing through.

I am in the thick of my first big assignment for grad school – a research database where I have to define four of the eight excepionalities (disabilities or special education categories) we’ve covered, offer supporting definitions where necessary, research four journal articles per exceptionality and write abstract/summaries for each, identify educational strategies from the articles, and write reflective paragraphs for each set of articles. 

This has been a ridiculously awful weekend, to say the least.  My leg is now cramped up from sitting criss-cross-applesauce (oh hush, you know you say it too) on my couch since Thursday; I have bottles, papers, books, pens, and highlighters strewn about, despite repeated attempts to reorganize my clutter; I am wearing my mom’s sweatpants because I thought I had none clean (as it turns out I did have one pair, but I already had these on, and they are a pretty green color); my eyes are burning…you get the picture.  I would have been working on this more over the last three weeks, but there was the pesky business of work and the regular load of this class that seemed to prevent it.  And I am pretty sure the battery in my laptop is now worthless, as the poor computer has been plugged in all weekend. 

I am already up to 2,460 words.  I am getting ready to start on my 6th abstract – out of 16.  Did I mention I need to be finished in 24 hours? 

So I need y’all…I am basically going to be up all night, although I am going to allow myself cat naps.  If you have any jokes, funnies, or encouragement, I’ll take them, between now and 8:00 tomorrow night!  (After that, I am pretty sure I am going to bed…)


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