An invitation

I was at a conference this weekend, and we sang the hymn Trust and ObeyI was humbled and convicted by the words of many speakers this weekend, but by none more than the words of this song.  I looked them up this morning because I wanted to share them with you all and I wanted to be sure they were right.  In doing so, I happened upon a verse I didn’t know and that we never have sung at church (we’re a first, second, and last stanza kind of people).  So here it is – let the words speak to you.

But we never can prove
the delights of his love
until all on the altar we lay;

for the favor he shows,
for the joy he bestows,
are for them who will trust and obey.

Trust and obey,
for there’s no other way
to be happy in Jesus
but to trust and obey.


5 responses to “An invitation

  1. That is powerful. Thank you for reminding me of that hymn, and especially that verse. Oh, how I needed that today.


  2. That has always been a favorite of mine!

    (And I know you didn’t hear that song from the conference I was at in KY this past weekend!!)

    We actually came home on Sat. But you have a might fine state – reminds me a lot of home! (PA)

    Thanks for letting me know you came by!

    Leigh Ann

  3. I have a question about this for Kim or other Christians who have a personal relationship with Jesus. (I come from a different religious tradition.)

    One thing I find a little scary about the command to “trust and obey” is that some mentally ill people quite literally think they are obeying the voice of God or Jesus when they do horrible things.

    The Bible supports them in these delusions. Don’t we praise Abraham for being ready to sacrifice his only son because God asked him to?

    If I ever hear a voice in my head telling me, “This is God, and I want you to go cut your son’s throat with a knife,” I hope I seek professional help rather than trusting and obeying.

    I don’t mean to be flip, I seriously would like to know how Christians address this issue.

  4. Laurie – I want to answer and answer well, so it might be a day or two to collect my thoughts. Thank you so much for asking!

  5. Off-topic to Kim: Thanks for your comment about Babywise on the Making Home thread. I submitted a comment that was rejected. The American Academy of Pediatrics has determined that following that book is correlated with higher rates of dehydration and failure to thrive in babies. It also often causes insufficient milk syndrome in mothers.

    The Babywise advice is so at odds with basic human physiology and history. Would anyone in Biblical times have dreamed of putting babies to sleep on their own, separate from their mothers and not permitted to nurse at night? Did Mary parent Jesus that way?

    I know many Christian women whose families have thrived with the more responsive approach favored at the Gentle Christian Mothers site (sometimes called attachment parenting). My husband and I have found that worked very well for our family. It is a more flexible approach which recognizes that different children, even in the same household, have different needs. A type of sleep routine or feeding schedule or disciplinary approach that works for one child may not be a good fit for a sibling.

    I was left to cry it out in a crib as a baby (when I started banging my head on the crib, the pediatrician told my parents just to put extra padding on). I had terrible sleep problems throughout my childhood. I know my parents were doing the best they could based on the expert advice of that era, but it simply didn’t meet my needs and made me more insecure than independent.

    My five-year-old was a big night-waker as a baby, but we responded to his needs, and by the time he was preschool-age he was sleeping fabulously well.

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