Something to be thankful for.

I was laying on my couch feeling sad for myself and crying out to the Lord to make it all better.  And then my dad called my name.

You see, earlier tonight, I teasingly told him just to let me know when he made popcorn so I could eat some.  And when I walked downstairs, he had made me some yummy, buttery good popcorn.

I am so thankful for a dad who gives me good things and has a tender heart and who loves me dearly.  I pray that I will recognize the good gifts of the heavenly Father, who maybe doesn’t make me popcorn, but who distracts me from a meltdown of self-pity. 


One response to “Something to be thankful for.

  1. Kim! I’ve missed you! I lost you… 🙂 I’m doing well – for the most part! How are you? I see you’re teaching? Still doing the sub thing or did you get a license? Or don’t you need a license? Or how does that work down yander?

    As far as your comment… I know that I need to cut him off… I know that what’s going on isn’t really all that kosher… but it’s so hard… I know that you know what it’s like to spend your whole life wishing for something – praying and willing soemthing to happen… And then when it does happen (even though it’s not AT ALL how I imagined it would be, but it’s there, nonetheless) it kills me to realize that I’M the one who is going to have to take the stand to make it stop… Can you feel me there?

    Anywho… I think I’ve really just let it take over me and I know that’s not good, either. So there’s that.

    Wow! That makes things sound pretty awful and I’m really doing well! I want to hear from you! Send me an email or something…

    Hope all is well 🙂

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