Snow day, no day?

I am potentially about to experience one of the most anticipated events of the school year…the wait for weather that will make or break you…the dance for a snow day.  The excitement at school was palpable today, as teachers passed one another in the hall muttering random numbers (“4 to 8,” “6 to 9,” “quarter inch ice”) to one another.

We are expecting 4-8 inches over the next 24 hours, which for us (wimps*), would almost certainly guarantee a snow day for tomorrow.  My first as a school teacher!  Good thing I have a blog to record such events…

We have very hilly, rural areas around our mostly big city, and while some roads can be cleared, our lack of regular winter snow (a la Michigan or Illinois or any northeastern states) combined with our fabulous (read:  horrible) driving skills usually makes for a dangerous situation.  But we shall see.  We have a new superintendent this year, so he might just go for a delayed start to the day (which, for the record, means I have to be at school on time – it’s just a delay for kids).

Here’s hoping…


One response to “Snow day, no day?

  1. Oh, so hoping for you! Those days are the BEST! We never have snow days here in Austin, but we have the occasional ice day. Good luck! xoxo

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