Notes from the journal

I didn’t want you to think that I am sad constantly, or that God isn’t revealing himself to me in a loving, caring light…so I just wanted to share some favorite verses and thoughts that I’ve been journaling about the past few days.  (A note:  The editions of the Bible used are either NLT or NIV.  My One-Year Bible is NLT, and despite my initial thoughts that it would be frou-frou, I really love it.  It reveals different aspects of verses…)

Regarding Jesus’ temptation, in Luke 4:

Jesus was hungry.  He wanted food.  But He wanted to glorify God more.  More than something He needed, He wanted God to get honor – to let the need be met through a gift, rather than by forcing it.  Jesus, as man, wanted glory.  Don’t we all?  But instead of earning false glory, He waited on God.  Jesus wanted to prove His identity and purpose, but He chose to wait for God’s timing rather than force His hand.  These must be three of the most common struggles to man, and yet I am so thankful for His perfect example of trust, patience, and obedience.

On Psalm 63:1:

This verse speaks to my heart.  You are my God, and I do earnestly seek you, even in a land that is so dry and weary.

Promises of God (and failures of me) in Psalm 34:

v.1 His praise will always be on my lips.  Lord forgive me – many times I fail to keep your praise on my lips!

v.4-5 He delivered me from all my fears…those who look to Him…are never covered with shame.

As an aside to this one – I struggle so much with the fear and shame that my situation in life (and more than just being single and childless, but my struggles with sin, etc.) is permanent, and fear that I will live in shame because I “failed” at life.  These verses are such perfect promises for me to hear – I am looking to Him, so I am never covered in shame!

v.7 The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear Him, and He delivers them.  What an amazing, comforting promise!

v.9 Those who fear Him lack nothing.

v.18 The LORD is cloe to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

The Lord is so good and so faithful to reveal himself through His word. 


One response to “Notes from the journal

  1. These words have been ringing in my heart today, and I pray they will bless you too:

    Trust Him when dark doubts assail you;
    Trust Him when your strength is small.
    Trust Him when to simply trust Him
    Seems the hardest thing of all.

    Trust Him: He is ever faithful;
    Trust Him, for His will is best.
    Trust Him, for the heart of Jesus
    Is the only place of rest.

    (not sure who wrote that…)

    Love to you, friend!

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