Maddening-A Christmas Story

What is maddening, you ask?  This game.  I got this game for Christmas from my parents, and it is so very fun.  The point is that you have this cylinder full of little beads, and mixed in with the little beads are 40+ tiny little items that you are supposed to check off the list they give you.  At first it’s easy…you are so innundated with tiny plastic shapes that you are just trying to cross them all off before you accidentally shake the game and they dissappear.  But then you get to where, let’s say, (not so) hypothetically, you have four items left.  (For the record?  A bathing suit, sunshine, penny, and rock.  It’s the beach edition.)  And these items are impossible to find.  I’ve had six items left since last night, and found two this morning.  These four elusive items must be in the middle of all those beads, and I am trying to figure out the best shake-shuffle-roll pattern to lure them out. 

 Anywho.  Just thought y’all might like a glimpse into my Christmas morning.  It’s so very exciting, let me tell you.  I am watching White Christmas (my favorite Christmas movie, and perhaps my favorite movie period) in hopes of conjuring up some Christmas spirit that seems to be melting away with the bluest sky we’ve seen in weeks (no white Christmas in these here parts, folks!).  (Not Christmas joy or thankfulness, mind you – just more of the lack of festive mood.) 

 So from me to you, I wish you the merriest of Christmases and the most peaceful of days today.  I am so thankful for each of you!


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